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WORLD SPA is in a class by itself. Three floors of impeccably-designed traditional and cultural experiences from every corner under one roof in the heart of Brooklyn. Enter and be transported to a wellness sanctuary like no other.

Discover authentic banyas, Finnish saunas, Turkish and Moroccan hammams, cleansing Himalayan salt therapy, Japanese onsens, a not-to-be missed infrared room and so much more. All built with passion and purpose; no expense spared.

Chill out and relax. Indulge and be pampered. Gather and celebrate.

WORLD SPA is the social wellness lounge we all want (and need) right now. Comfortably large and expansive, but also welcoming and warm. Visit solo or as a couple. Large party? No problem. Book a cabana or a private event room. Become a member and make WORLD SPA your home away from home.

About Us
About Us


WORLD SPA founders, principals at Brooklyn-based BK Developers, worked tirelessly for nearly a decade to bring the WORLD SPA vision to life. Reshaping a disused parking lot into a 50,000-square-foot wellness oasis was a passion project like no other for the BK team. In 2018, BK tapped RYBAK Development, another leading NYC real estate development and construction firm, forming a joint venture and creating more capacity to handle this large-scale project. The mandate was for complete and total authenticity, which meant sourcing and importing both the building materials and the equipment to run and operate each experience directly from the original source. Handmade Moroccan and Turkish tiles adorn the hammams, while authentic Kelo pine was imported from Northern Europe for the saunas and banyas. The equipment comes from leading European manufacturers skilled in creating the highest-quality wellness experiences.

We hope you agree that the result is an urban bathhouse and wellness club that is both large and expansive, while being welcoming and intimate. A place for simply connecting with yourself or hanging out and connecting with others.

By incorporating authentic spa experiences from cultures around the world, WORLD SPA has created a new kind of wellness sanctuary that not only enriches and supports the local community, but also provides a welcome, inspiring and relaxing destination for travelers visiting the New York area.
About Us
WORLD SPA has reimagined urban wellness for New York and beyond.
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