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Indulge in Our Curated Collection of International Therapies, Signature Massages and Modern Facials.


Discover a 50,000 sq.ft. Mosaic of Authentic Spa Experiences Around the World.


Savor international bites in the Lounge, or enjoy bespoke cocktails in the exclusive Members Club.


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Embark on a cultural bathing and spa journey at WORLD SPA, the enchanting urban retreat of New York City. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of Eastern European banyas, Finnish saunas, and Moroccan hammams. Elevate your experience with exclusive amenities, including the must-try Snow Room, Aroma Sauna, and Infrared Room, providing an extra layer of rejuvenation. Delight in curated, one-of-a-kind treatments such as the invigorating Venik Platza Ritual, the exotic Polynesian Journey Scrub, a luxurious Custom Facial, and a soothing Signature Massage—each crafted to transport you to distant paradises. Picture yourself savoring bespoke cocktails in our exclusive Members Club as a VIP Experience Guest, or opt for a couple's treatment for a shared journey of bliss.

This is more than a spa; it's a sanctuary where every moment, from unique amenities to specialized treatments, is crafted for your well-being. Elevate your escape—book now and step into a world of unparalleled luxury.

A Moroccan hammam spa room bathed in soft purple and blue light. The walls and arches are adorned with intricate mosaic tiles in patterns of white, black, and red. A central circular bench covered in small tiles creates a focal point, with spa essentials set atop. Above, the ceiling features a large, illuminated oval recess, contributing to the room's serene and exotic ambiance.
A person is lying in a high-tech spa treatment bed with a glowing blue light canopy overhead, creating a futuristic and relaxing experience. The ambiance is serene with soft lighting and a calm environment.
A person is stepping into a hot tub in a spa with a large mural of Mount Fuji and a pagoda surrounded by cherry blossoms in the background, creating a serene Japanese-inspired setting.
A Himalayan salt room with multiple reclining spa loungers arranged neatly. The room features warm lighting, walls adorned with illuminated salt crystals, and a ceiling with wooden beams, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.
A group of people in white robes are cheerfully toasting with champagne glasses in a warm and cozy spa lounge. The wooden décor and soft lighting create an inviting and relaxed ambiance.
A person is lying face down on a massage table with multiple warm salt stones placed along their back. They appear relaxed and serene in a calm spa setting.
A woman holding a broom near their face
A modern sauna with a unique design featuring curved wooden slats along the walls and ceiling, creating a wave-like pattern. Ergonomically shaped benches with built-in heating elements offer a comfortable seating experience. The room is softly lit, emphasizing the wood's natural grain, enhancing the relaxing and contemporary atmosphere.
Two people are lying down on massage tables, covered by towels, in a tranquil and dimly lit spa room with wooden walls and soft ambient lighting, appearing very relaxed.
An empty sauna with rustic wooden benches and walls, complete with traditional sauna accessories like a wooden bucket and ladle. A white robe with a monogram WS is hanging on the wall, ready for use.
A person is joyfully throwing water into the air while sitting in a hot tub. They are smiling and seem to be enjoying the moment. The background features a snowy forest landscape, contrasting with the warmth of the hot tub.
Two people are joyfully interacting with a snow in a snow room with a mountainous mural and soft lighting, creating a playful indoor winter scene.
A person's hand is pouring a hot beverage from a white thermos into a stainless steel cup on a saucer. The scene includes a wooden surface, a bowl of bagels, and LED candles, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
A person is lying down, appearing relaxed with a serene expression, receiving a head massage. They are draped in a white spa towel, emphasizing a calm and therapeutic setting.
Two people in robes toasting with drinks in a cozy spa setting.
A person in a white chef's uniform is working in a commercial kitchen, standing in front of a stainless steel stove with pots and pans. The kitchen is equipped with hanging cookware overhead, indicating a professional cooking environment
A group of people in white robes are toasting with glasses, smiling and enjoying a social moment around a low table with light refreshments, in a room with tiled walls and a relaxed spa ambiance.
This image features two individuals relaxing in a traditional wooden sauna. The room is constructed with natural logs, creating a cabin-like atmosphere. The benches are arranged in stepped tiers allowing for different levels of heat. On the lowest bench, there's a wooden bucket and a ladle, essential for a sauna experience. The ceiling is adorned with cross-sections of logs, and gentle light filters through the room, accentuating the serene ambiance.
A person is floating on their back in a swimming pool with clear turquoise water, their arms outstretched in a relaxed pose, conveying a sense of calm and leisure
A person is lying face down on a wooden bench in a sauna, looking relaxed and serene. They are receiving a traditional sauna treatment with leafy branches being gently brushed along their back by another individual
Several people are sitting on wooden benches in a sauna, enjoying the warmth and relaxation. They are dressed in swimsuits, with some wrapped in towels. The room is softly lit, highlighting the wooden textures and creating a calm and serene atmosphere. Everyone appears content, with some closing their eyes and smiling, fully immersed in the tranquility of the sauna experience.
This image shows the interior of a traditional sauna room. The space is characterized by its rustic charm, with walls and ceilings made of raw, exposed logs creating a cabin-like feel. Wooden benches are arranged in tiers along the walls, providing seating. There's a soft, natural light coming through a skylight in the center of the ceiling, and LED strips under the benches add a modern touch. A sauna heater made of stacked stones is situated in one corner, and there are wooden buckets and ladles, likely for pouring water on the hot stones to create steam.
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