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Moroccan Hammam
(85°F to 130°F; 50% Humidity)

Enter the Moroccan Hammam and be transported to an authentic Marrakesh bathhouse, complete with the musky, earthy scents of Morocco. Handmade, brightly colored tiles imported from Morocco adorn the walls, benches and the center “belly stone.” This room is airy and bright and has less humidity than the Turkish Hamam, making it feel slightly less intense.

You’ll notice a shower inside this room that can be used at any time to cool down during your session or on your way out to prep you for your cool down of choice.

How to use

Though not as hot as our saunas or banyas, the Moroccan Hammam offers similar benefits but with less intense heat and should also be followed first by a shower and then by an even more cooling treatment, like a cold plunge or a visit to the snow room.


  • Eases muscle and joint pain
  • Natural immune system booster
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Eases muscle tension, aches and pain
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Quicker muscle recovery
  • Improves sleep quality