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Experience 50,000 square feet of impeccably-designed traditional and cultural experiences from every corner under one roof in the heart of Brooklyn. Enter and be transported to a wellness sanctuary like no other.
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Discover authentic banyas, Finnish saunas, Turkish and Moroccan hammams, a not-to-be missed infrared room, a Clay & Hay sauna and so much more. All built with passion and purpose. WORLD SPA offers a modern take on traditional, ancient wellness practices.

Grand Banya
(176°F to 194°F; 60% humidity)

Banyas are Eastern Europe’s answer to the Finnish sauna. As is tradition, WORLD SPA’s banyas are constructed from rough kelo wood, a pine tree that naturally weathers into a rare piece of art and gives off a unique, relaxing scent. And banyas have much higher humidity levels and a lot more action.

Grand Banya

Petite Banya
(176°F to 194°F; 60% humidity)

If you’re looking for a more private and peaceful banya experience, the Petite Banya is the place for you.

Private Thermal Room in Chalet

Event Sauna
(160°F to 194°F; 10% Humidity)

In Europe, sauna is rarely a solo pursuit. Instead, it’s an opportunity to relax and unwind with family and friends. Mind, body and spirit are enriched by spending time together in the dry heat of a traditional Finnish sauna.
When the aufguss ritual is not in session, the Event Sauna should be enjoyed like any traditional Finnish sauna.

Event Sauna

Clay & Hay Sauna
(176°F to 194°F; 20 to 30% humidity)

The natural scents combined with the heat reflected off the clay and hay walls is incredibly curative. In Mayan cultures, this special steam bath ritual is said to purify the body and soul and is used to this day in rituals for improving both physical and mental health.

Clay And Hay Sauna

Infrared Sauna
(110°F to 140°F; No humidity)

Infrared saunas use light to create heat at a lower and more comfortable temperature. The infrared band of light penetrates your body directly, without warming the air around you. Because it’s not red hot inside an infrared sauna, most are able to withstand the heat longer, getting even more of the therapeutic effects of this deep heat penetration.

Infrared Sauna

Moroccan Hammam
(85°F to 130°F; 50% Humidity)

Handmade, brightly colored tiles imported from Morocco adorn the walls, benches and the center “belly stone.” This room is airy and bright and has less humidity than the Turkish Hammam, making it feel slightly less intense.

Moroccan Hammam

Turkish Hammam
(85°F to 130°F; 80% Humidity)

At the center is the “belly stone”, an area traditionally reserved for scrubs and treatments, but ours features a large, magical sphere that releases steam, sound, aroma and colored light therapy (or chromatherapy).
The hot air temperature and warmth of all the surfaces help relieve muscle pain and promote mental relaxation, while the high humidity of WORLD SPA’s Turkish Hammam should produce intense sweating, encouraging detoxification.

Turkish Hammam

Private Treatment Hammams

Rooms designed for private, traditional hammam rituals. Get ready to be exfoliated, refreshed and renewed.

Private Treatment Room

Aroma Sauna
(176°F To 194°F; 20 To 30% Humidity)

The scent of the room hits you first. A natural spicy, woody aroma of juniper infuses the room, thanks to juniper wood cuts positioned on the wall near the heater, while bunches of herbs hung from the ceiling, give off a symphony of glorious, natural scents. The room is constructed of no less than four different natural woods, including cedar benches and oak panels.

Aroma Sauna

Specialty Rooms

For a special treat enter our beautifully-designed salt room for cleansing Himalayan salt therapy, great for treating mild respiratory complaints and softer skin. Our Snow Room makes cooling down after a hot sauna a delight!

Snow Room
(14°F to 32°F)

An important part of the sweat bathing cycle is cooling down – not everyone loves the shock of dipping into a plunge in an icy, cold pool. If that’s you, then the gentle cooling effect of our snow room is just what you’re looking for!

snow room

Himalayan Salt Room

The microscopic, naturally antibacterial salt particles are gently inhaled, cleaning out the lungs, reducing inflammation and breaking down mucus. Salt inhalation therapy is used to treat asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and even COPD. In addition, salt particles can improve skin conditions, like acne and even eczema.

Himalayan salt room

Private Event Lodges

If you’ve booked one of the two private event rooms for larger groups (max 25 people), you are free to roam the rest of the spa, but you’ll have everything you need (and then some) in this private oasis, including either a private authentic banya or Finnish sauna to be enjoyed between meeting, eating, spa-ing and drinking. Learn more.


Dacha is the largest of our two private rooms. Whether you’re entertaining family and friends or hosting a business meeting, at approximately 1500 square feet, Dacha lets you spread out, relax and enjoy food, drink, your own private banya, showers and changing rooms.

Private Event Lodge Dacha


Chalet is the more intimate of our two private event rooms. At approximately 500 square feet, this room accommodates 16 people and includes a private thermal room built of 15 different kinds of wood and can be heated to your tastes - whether your group prefers a traditional Finnish sauna or a more humid Easter European banya.

Private Event Lodge Chalet